ARGININE. Helps support healthy cholesterol levels, helps strengthen arteries and helps maintain healthy blood pressure. Several studies have also highlighted the sexual enhancement capabilities of this powerful amino acid. Also assists in the release of energy from cells. Studies have shown that using this extract led to a significant increase in energy and stamina.
AVENA SATIVA. Stimulates the brain’s testosterone sensors and works throughout the body to free up testosterone. In addition, Avena Sativa has also been found useful for prostate difficulties, urinary tract infection, irritated bladder and osteoporosis.
DAMIANA. Used as a sexual stimulant in Latin America for centuries, it is an antidepressant and it stimulates circulation. When combined with other herbal supplements, its effect as a nerve and hormonal system tonic is increased considerably.
GUARANA. Used by the Amazon natives for hundreds of years as a general tonic and for energy. Like caffeine, it is a mild stimulant. It creates a noticeable improvement in vigor, helps the blood to absorb more oxygen and fights muscle fatigue. It has a positive effect on circulation, extremely important for good blood flow and retention in the penis.
MUIRA PUAMA. Enhances both the physical and psychological aspects of the body’s sexual functions. It will also support male hormone levels, increase available testosterone and have a positive effect on the prostate. In one of the most well-known recent studies on Muira Puama, 62% of 262 men using it reported a ‘dynamic effect’ on the libido.
NETTLES. Increases the amount of testosterone to the body’s sex centers, especially when combined with Avena Sativa and Damiana.
YOHIMBE. Its primary action is to increase blood flow into the erectile tissue of the penis. Yohimbe’s clinical tests on a group of men who had been impotent for less than two years, produced an 81% improvement rate with moderate dosages over one month. In men who normally achieved only partial erections and could not complete intercourse, 60% reported fuller erections that lasted longer. Yohimbe is a complete sexual stimulant, and does not simply produce mechanical erections without sexual desire.
The one-of-a-kind capsule formula you take 30 minutes before sexual activity, with astonishing results!

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving %DV
Arginine 50 mg *
Yohimbe 150 mg *
Muira Pama 100 mg *
Avena Sativa 100 mg *
Guarana 100 mg *
Damiana 100 mg *
Nettles 50 mg *
*Daily Value (DV) not established.
ZIPRIN™ - The most powerful take-as-needed formula available today without a prescription!
ZIPRIN™ - the safe, natural answer to erectile dysfunction.
Fights the causes directly and quickly!
Sexual arousal is often a more complex process than we realize. Sexual thoughts stimulate nerve signals to the arteries and muscles of the penis. The arteries dilate. The muscles relax, allowing blood to fill two spongy cores in the penis. The rise in pressure, along with a constriction of the veins that take blood away, keeps the penis bloodfilled and hard. When the penile arteries constrict, the pressure drops and the penis becomes soft again.
30 minutes! You will experience greater stamina and endurance, increased energy, stronger longer-lasting erections, improved ability and desire to have a satisfying relationship.

Is ZIPRIN™ good for men of any age?
ZIPRIN™ has worked for men over 30 who have tried it. Age is no barrier. Our customers range in age from 32 to men in their 80’s and beyond. The potent, proven ingredients in this formula are equally safe and effective for all males. The physiological results will of course vary slightly by individuals, but ZIPRIN™ retains its great effectiveness for men of all ages.
Is ZIPRIN™ safe?
ZIPRIN™ is a proprietary formula, developed and manufactured under the most stringent safety and health standards in the pharmaceutical industry. The ingredients in this formula have been individually timetested and researched to the highest standards. To date, there have been no reports of any negative side effects or reactions to the ingredients in the ZIPRIN™ formula.
What makes ZIPRIN™ so powerful?
This unique take-as-needed capsule is formulated - in precisely synergistic quantities - with seven of the most potent, proven supplement extracts available. Each of these ingredients works with the others to provide a fast, safe and powerful boost to the physical and psychological systems that influence sexual arousal and performance.
One ZIPRIN™ capsule is recommended 30 minutes before sexual activity. This dose will help bring about a firm, lasting erection … increased feelings of arousal … more stamina and far greater sexual satisfaction.
Is ZIPRIN™ good for temporary or occasional erectile dysfunction, too?
ZIPRIN™ will help you enormously no matter how frequent or how occasional your experience of erectile dysfunction. But even if you have been suffering for years, you will enjoy noticeable, measurable improvement in your sexual activity, within.
If any part of the process is hindered, dysfunction can result. The problem can often be traced back to impaired blood flow, which is why the powerful take-as-needed formula in ZIPRIN™ is so vital. It increases circulation, making sure there is good blood flow in the penis and that the blood inside the core is retained.