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When Carl Hughes began writing columns for LP Gas Magazine in early 2002, Mt Belvieu propane traded around 30 cents per gallon, West Texas crude was worth $20 per barrel and the country was running out of natural gas. The retail propane industry was highly fragmented and very competitive, but benefited from a solid U.S. housing market that fueled steady growth across the sector. What's more, industry consolidation was in full swing.

Over the course of 10 years, Carl wrote more than 100 columns - based on his industry observations - on the fundamental business practices that he believed, when used effectively, would enable propane businesses to succeed.

For this book, Carl chose 34 columns that offer concepts and business practices that he considers essential for helping employees, managers and business owners become more effective.

If you want your propane business to deliver better results, order Delivering Results today!

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100 percent of book sales benefit the National Propane Gas Foundation's Scholarship Fund.

"Carl always brought an interesting and thought-provoking perspective to our industry. His column was always my first read as each new issue of LP Gas Magazine arrived. Now his insight is conveniently available for reference anytime."

Roland Penta, Phelps Sungas, Inc.
Former Chairman - NPGA

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